how kan we help haiti our country?

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Tiba ! finally, what do you advice Rebecka to do?

kan't you stop being " evasif" in your saying?

that lady presents a problem that touch many of us. I gave my advice, it is posible this advice is not so good, ok.

give yours to help, it is supposed you're in social light, for me the haitian leaders are in social darkness.

this is the reason we have to be obgective by giving advice.

How things must be done. it is not necessary to be president or prime minister or so on to help on that issue to take haiti out of where it is. politic kan not do all.
Tiba how kan we do, the diasbora, to bring change in socio-political system?

for for exemple: this woman has sent a bus to Haiti, acording to her, the bus is arrived, it is in the haitian port, in S.Marc, right?

Ok, this woman knows, acording to her, what to do to take the bus out of there, some employees there want to do the job them self, but they ask much more than what she must pay, it is clear there, a question of corruption, ok, the better way to fight against corruption is clear " denonciation", in the developped countries it is exactly what people do, by using the media to speak about a case that happens as corruption, if we have to pay 100 dollars to radio metropole ( it is just an example ), or radio carraibe, radio guininn ect ect, let's do it.let's go with clear denonciation, let' s stop talking in the air. making politic, politic,.

let's be serious, what do you think the president must or kan do with problem of bus from USA, in the S Marc port?

if there is no direct denonciation?

El Caribeno, February 20 2009, 3:57 PM

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