Linda, Thanks for the observation for my use of words and...

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Thanks for the observation for my use of words and phrases, but I did think twice about it before I posted it. And yes, we, Haitians, are lazy. I use lazy here in a collective term and not on an individual basis.

I know as well as everyone else that Haitians are good and hard workers.

Haitians are not afraid to work and they will do whatever kind of work put before them in the United States, France, Canada, etc...

In term of working hard collectively to rebuild our country, we are lazy doing it. As a people, we prefer to be bystanders watching and hoping US, Canada, France, and others to come in and rebuild our country for us because we don't want to get our hands dirty and nor get sweaty doing it.

I always have a collective view/goal/and objective for Haiti and not individually.

Individually, we can only put bandades on Haiti's wounds like for example Wicleff Jean is doing.

But we can put lastlong changes to Haiti, to the entire country, the entire population, only in a collective working spirit.

Tiba, February 15 2009, 2:23 PM

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Linda, Thanks for the observation for my use of words and phrases, but I did think twice about it before I posted it... read more >
Tiba, 15-Feb-09 2:23 pm
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Linda, 17-Feb-09 9:39 am
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Sociss Kale, 18-Feb-09 8:13 pm
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