Tiba my blogging friend, I have to again caution you with how...

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Tiba my blogging friend, I have to again caution you with how you phrase your thoughts.

I know that you don't mean to say that all Haitians are "lazy," and yet that is what you did say. I know you meant to say that many Haitians today are not taking responsibility for the mess they've made of the country, but I know that you know that there are many of us who would do things very differently given the chance to do so--including you my non-lazy Haitian blogger friend.

Lloyd, I hope you do not get upset, but I feel I must point a fundamental flaw in your argument about language.

You see, if you reread what you yourself wrote, than you will see that instead of contradicting me, you actually proved my point.

You said that the Dominican republic has no language issue and that is why they are prospering.

Well the fact is that they have no language issue because they have not created a language issue like we have. However, just like us, their language is the language of their old masters the Spaniards.

What they have done is simply educate their people properly--just like Jamaica, Martinique, Reunion, Dominica, Trinidad, Cuba, Barbados etc.--all countries that use the language of their masters.

Linda, February 15 2009, 1:05 PM

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Je suis cent pour cent d'accord avec vous Mr. Bastien; le francais reste simplement une langue, une facon de... read more >
Robert M. St Fleur, 6-Feb-09 11:49 am
On ne fait que promoter la langue d'un de nos oppresseurs.On n'est plus dessalinien.Si on est laid,c'est la faute de... read more >
Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 12-Feb-09 9:22 am
Lloyd, this argument about "the language of our masters", which if I remember correctly is from the author Frantz... read more >
Linda, 15-Feb-09 6:02 am
Linda, I hope everyone here would read your post on this language issue and understand that this is nothing but a... read more >
Tiba, 15-Feb-09 7:56 am
Linda,i always manage to respect your opinion even when i desagree with you.I've been around the world and base on my... read more >
Llyod, 15-Feb-09 8:38 am
Hello Mr LLOYD Well said. I was fustige sur ce site parceque j'ai suggere que les Haitiens parlent leur propre langue... read more >
Yves Salamanque, 15-Feb-09 10:42 am
Vous avez completement raison. Haiti est completement isolee. Le Creole Haitien est seulement parle par les Haitiens... read more >
Greg Peters, 15-Feb-09 12:17 pm
En realite, si Haiti avait un bon programme d'education, la seconde langue d'Haiti serait l'espanole a cause de la... read more >
Greg Peters, 15-Feb-09 12:31 pm
Tiba my blogging friend, I have to again caution you with how you phrase your thoughts. I know that you don't mean to... read more >
Linda, 15-Feb-09 1:05 pm
Oh,Grand Dieu de 'Univers,le temps me fait la guerre,ca fait deja 22 ans depuis que j'ai visite la France.Des mon... read more >
Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 15-Feb-09 1:15 pm
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