This is a Judicial Matter

Trebu Patriote - January 31 2007, 2:15 AM

This matter being deferred to the judicial system, I think at this point everyone is supposed to have a wait and see attitude.

We all know that there are three branches of power according to the constitution of 1987: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.

The independence of each of those three branches should be respected.

We have suffered too much with this tendency to believe the Executive branch has predominence over the two other ones.

Duvalier and Aristide have managed to keep the Parliament and the Justice system under their control.

The Haitian people made them understood there attitude was not suitable with democracy.

But one thing is clear, People will stand again if the Legislative branch thinks it could do the same thing for which the executive was blamed in the past.

The members of the Lower House should respect the independence of the judge appointed to establish the truth.

A representative is not above the law.

If the police officer is found guilty he should understand there are consequences for his actions.

But the parliament has no right to interfere in a judicial procedure.

The Parliament cannot take justice in his own hands.

Their should have known that their resolution has no binding effect.

A resolution is not a law. A resolution engages only the members of the Parliament.

The Prime Minister cannot fire the police officer based on the resolution voted by the Lower House.

Conservatory administrative measures such as not being able to carry a weapon or not being able to patrol the streets or make arrest can be taken against the police officer while awaiting the final judicial decision.

And also threatening the Prime Minister with a no confidence vote proves that our representatives have a lot to learn This is a singular mark of political immaturity.

We will applaud if the Prime Minister is sent home for not securing the country or for violating the constitution or for incompetence.

The Parliament should let the judge do his job and focus more on studying law proposals aimed at improving the living conditions of the Haitian People.

We have not seen anything yet.

Think about the American Congress lead by Nancy Pelosi: in a their first 100 hours, they have passed numerous legislative acts (minimum wage, medicare, medicaid etc.).

We do not want to make any comparison but our parliament at least should make us believe they understand their role.


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