Dear sir JeanRobert Bastien, I would suggest that you take a...

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Dear sir JeanRobert Bastien,

I would suggest that you take a deep breath and calm down for a minute because you are about to blow a gasket.

We all know and that is including the cave man that all politicians in Haiti are thieves, mercenaries, and cut throat.

They all steal millions from Haiti's coffer and went into exile where the live wonderful lives.

However, you coming out swinging by defending US contribution to Haiti's failure and poverty shows either your ignorance of US policy in Haiti or just a plain naive person who is living in total denial.

For your information, US is responsible for at least 75% of all Haiti's problems, chaos, havoc, political turmoils, including the poverty and misery that rein in Haiti.

Even former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter acknowledges that fact, and I am sure that the former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, is whole lot more informed about the relationship that exits between the countries than you could ever know.

Bastien, do you understand well the meaning and consequences of "economic sanctions/embargoes imposed on a country?" It means that country is barred from doing business primarily with the United States and with the international community.

When a country is barred from doing business, trade, and commerce with other countries what do you think will happen as a result?

It simple.

poverty, misery, chaos, havoc, crime and instability, etc...

You might be saying to yourself that I am not making any sense, right?

Okay, let's make it simple by asking you a simple question, shall we?

Can you name us some of the American factories currently operating in Haiti?

I bet you cannot name not even one. You cannot name one because they aren't any, and rest my case.

It is very well know and very well documented that Jamaica is the crime empire of the Caribbean.

Doesn't amaze you that US never imposes a travel restriction on Jamaica?

Don't you find it ironic anytime one person gets killed in Haiti, the US government takes over the airways calling on Americans not to travel to Haiti, avoid Haiti at all cost.

Alienating and isolating countries is not a mean of prosperity, but it is rather a way to watch a country goes down the tube.

And yes, of course, US contributes tremendously to Haiti's failure, chaos, havoc, political turmoils, and the poverty and misery, etc...

Tiba, February 13 2009, 7:39 PM

Topic: Comment les Etats-Unis ont appauvri Haiti

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