Greg, Very well said. However, only in a perfect world that...

Tiba - February 13 2009, 10:56 AM


Very well said.

However, only in a perfect world that would be the ideal help France would give to Haiti.

Thus, my concern lies on too much expectation and dependency we, Haitians, have on France, US, Canada, and other countries to fix our country for us. We tend to forget that none of these country or the international at large has no obligation to fix Haiti for us.

Regardless of past history and all the logical arguments one may engage into, the fact remains that Haiti is no longer a French colony.

but rather an independent state.

We tend to forget that there are, countless number of Haitian ingeneers, doctors, scientists, teachers, etc...


living abroad where they are using their skills, knowledge, expertise, etc...

as contribution to those host countries they live in.

In my opinion, the Haitian government could invite those Haitians back to their country, Haiti, so they can use their knowledge to help rebuild Haiti by providing some insentives to them, whatever that may be. That's what many countries, that are now doing well, did with their diaspora populations.

We, Haitians, should find some back bones to question the government's intention on this issue.

We need to ask the government why we are being excluded from our native country's affairs?

Why they are so afraid of us, the diaspora?

Once again, Haiti's problems don't concern the international community because it is a Haitian problems and we are the only ones who can, should, and must fix it.

It is time that we remove ourselves from this illusion of leaving Haiti in the hands of foreigners to fix it for us. It is time that we wake up from this fantasy dream and get back to reality because we are running out of time.

I have proposed a plan sometime ago and no one said anything about it, so I am proposing it again.

What about the diaspora sending an official invitation to Preval for a face-to-face meeting with the Haitian diaspora around the world to put the pressure on him to bring change in Haiti?

And this meeting will follow with a threat of Boycotting money transfers to Haiti if our demands are not met in 3 or 6 months.

Do we, Haitians, have the stomach for something like that?

I doubt it!

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