6 Million of Duvalier's money Back to Haiti

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The Swiss government is ready to release 7 million Swiss francs ($6 million) seized from bank accounts linked to Haiti's former dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier -- but not back to his family.

The Duvalier family failed to prove that the money is of legitimate origin and are therefore not entitled to the assets, the Federal Office of Justice said Thursday.

The family has 30 days to appeal the decision to Switzerland's Federal Criminal Tribunal.

If there is no appeal or if the tribunal upholds the government's decision as expected, the money will be released.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry said in that case it will select which aid organizations in Haiti would receive the money.

The assets "are to be used for social or humanitarian projects to benefit the Haitian population," the justice office said.

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Duvalier In The News, February 13 2009, 3:02 AM

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