What is the UN'role in Haiti?

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We have about 9000 well armed millitary men in our country.Everyday, they are enjoying the beautifull sky of our homeland.They don't do anything to stop the insecurity that make Haiti a no man land.they are raping our children and got pay for their crimes.What is the real reason that we have them in our country?Yes, you Mr Preval, why you have them in country?Are we the new Palestine of central america?

Are you too stupid to understand that our country is under occupation, Mr Preval?What's wrong with you?Are you that naive Mr Preval?Talk to me, you may not be qualified to be the president of a grocery store but seriously, can you be that STUPID, Mr Preval?I'm sorry if i'm being too hard on you but i just can't believe it.Mr President, i deserve an answer because we haitians that are living in abroad are subject to humiliation and discrimination every day while you sit on your behind doing jack

Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, February 12 2009, 9:48 AM

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