Greg, I am fully aware the type of mentality and perception...

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I am fully aware the type of mentality and perception that we, in the diaspora, are enduring from those Haitians living in Haiti.

I know I come strong but I was not being negative at all. I was rather making a statement and even though I agree with your statements, nevertheless, we are Haitians and Haiti belongs to all of us regardless how Haitians in Haiti and the diaspora don't get along, etc...


When Haitians with skills, experience, education, etc...

are waiting for an invitation to get involved in the affairs of their own country, it means that those Haitians don't really have any interest to get involved because they know very well that Preval and his cronies will never going to give a special invitation to Haitian diaspora.

In fact, we, Haitian diaspora, get whole lot more power than we think to make the Haitian government beg for mercy, unfortunately, we don't have the guts, the back bones to do it. We all want change in Haiti but none of us wants to make the sacrifice needed to bring the changes we've been talking about for the past 205 years.

There will never be change unless the people ask for it and the people take the steps needed to achieve it. There ough to be a movement in order to bring change
and we, Haitians, are too busy with our own lives to take time to build a movement.

Haiti will never go forward because we, Haitians, have given up on Haiti a very longtime ago.

Tiba, February 10 2009, 6:23 PM


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Tiba, you have to be careful what you say. You cannot be so negative. Now, there is someone that is willing to help... read more >
Greg Peters, 10-Feb-09 4:27 pm
Greg, I am fully aware the type of mentality and perception that we, in the diaspora, are enduring from those Haitians... read more >
Tiba, 10-Feb-09 6:23 pm
I lived both in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. You are right, the Haitian diaspora has given up on Haiti. I met... read more >
Greg Peters, 11-Feb-09 3:44 am
Greg These are the same Haitians who keep crying, whining, mourning, and shouting for change in Haiti, their own... read more >
Tiba, 11-Feb-09 7:53 am
Greg you are right you have the exact vision I have that is a magnificent plan we need to start working on oprganizing... read more >
Xavier, 11-Feb-09 1:52 pm
Xavier I think you reached the wrong person. I am Tiba and not Greg, unless you intended to respond to me and... read more >
Tiba, 11-Feb-09 5:46 pm
Thanks Tiba! I thought my reply was sent to Greg. read more >
Xavier, 11-Feb-09 8:28 pm
One star that does care about Haiti is Wyclef. Wyclef said in a TV interview that he wants to make a major dent in the... read more >
Greg Peters, 13-Feb-09 9:00 am
I will pass on the message Greg, I will Get in touch with you this week with someone elses info, that has Preval ear. read more >
Xavier, 15-Feb-09 9:13 pm
Hi greg, Looks like you are part of the project nouveau Kiskeya. I will like to know the best way to get there, If we... read more >
Phil, 18-May-09 2:15 pm
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