John Leopol Did this guy ever claimed to want to get involved...

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John Leopol

Did this guy ever claimed to want to get involved in Haiti's affairs at all or is it you who take it as your crusade to cheer for him as the savior of Haiti?

You really sound like you are high on some powerful drugs or something.

Once there is a Haitian somewhere in the world with a few million dollars, all of a sudden there are a bunch of peahead Haitians going around advertising for that person as the "saint savior" of Haiti.

John Leopol, don't you think if this guy you are cheerleading for was really interested doing something for Haiti that he would take the lead, engaged, and get involved in whatever capacity he thought he could really make a difference?

Dumase Simeus thought he could really make a difference and therefore he tried to run for president in 2006 but got booted out by the most powerful.

Stop cheering for someone who is not showing any will and interest to get involved in Haiti's affairs.

Big deal that he is a Haitian millionaire with a college degree.

Is he the only Haitian millionare out there?

I don't think so! is he the first and the only Haitian out there who graduated from college?

I don't think so!

Tiba, February 6 2009, 9:55 PM

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