Don't loose Hope! suite 3

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Peuple Haitien plus fe politique craze brize au lieu li focus sou education ak fe bon jan raisonnement pou kapab jouin-n solution crise sa yo ke peyi-a ap traverse.Min-m isit Aux-etats-Unis gin ampil crise ladan-l, avec la seule difference Tout gro tete sa yo ki fe parti de nouvelle Administration ouan ap cherche solution chak crise sa yo ki tounin yon casse tete chinois ke peyi-a pat jan-m konnin auparavant.

To conclude my topic, I would say:It's time now for action not for too much talk.Consequentely, Let's welcome to Haiti Everyone who looks for his own return because your home is your home and there is nowhere else that you could feel better like your home.From JeanRobert Bastien depuis Boston, MA.

Jeanrobert Bastien, February 4 2009, 3:11 PM

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