Linda, As you know, Paul Farmer is a Harvard M.D. graduate who...

Tiba - February 3 2009, 7:26 PM


As you know, Paul Farmer is a Harvard M.D. graduate who could have made a lot of money practicing medicine in the US, but instead chose to marry a black Haitian woman and live in Haiti for the sole purpose to stop Haitians from dying of various diseases, stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS is his #1 crusade.

According to statistics, Haiti has made much progress in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS more than any other country on the planet.

Unfortunately that gets very little to no attention at all. The spread of HIVAIDS is no longer as people used to believe it to be.

I met with Dr. Paul Farmer once in Port-Au-Prince looking for his advice and suggestion to get the project that I started in my hometown get of ground in 1996. He is really a cool guy very devoted to Haiti causes.

He has testified numerous times before in front of US Congress on behalf of Haiti.

Why don't we, Haitians, follow Dr.Paul Farmer's foot steps to do even more for our own country?

Foreigners seem to care more about Haiti than we, Haitians, do, why is that?

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By the way, when I was in graduate school, I was...


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