You are so funny. I showed your post to the students in my...

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You are so funny.

I showed your post to the students in my critical thinking class and asked them to use it to identify three things that they learned in class lately: 1) The hidden subject in your argument vs. what you pretend you are saying, 2) the real reason for your argument, 3) the fallacies in your argument.

They came up with some great ideas that we listed on the boar. I'll list one of their points here. After that I will not bother with reading anymore of your posts.

My question to them was,"What is the Real Goal of the blogger's Argument?"
Answer: To attack Linda and keep her from continuously attacking the Preval government (80% response)

Ten I asked them, "how did you arrive at that conclusion?"
Answer: after deciphering your post they noted several points that led them to believe that YOU ARE IN FACT A MEMBER OF THE PREVAL GOVERNMENT OR A FRIEND OF PREVAL, because from their observations of the empirical evidence, they noted that you repeated, WITH GREAT ANGER in your tone, certain specific words that I had called Preval (like "gutter rat") in my previous posts.

Hence, they concluded, that the fact that I had called the Preval government and its people "gutter rats" made you really angry.

My students reasoned that the fact that you were trying to use that term to insult me meant that you were someone who had been personally insulted by the term, and that the only way that that could have happened is if you are in fact a part of the Preval government or a friend of the people that I had called "gutter rats." THEY HAVE LEARNED WELL HOW TO DECIPHER ARGUMENTS; HAVE THEY NOT (sorry, but I am smiling now)?

As for me, I think Woodring St. Preux (perhaps badly spelled) should really pay me for the amount of time I spend on this blog.
By the way, as I said above; I will no longer answer your posts.

So, feel free to say all the nasty things you want to me, as they will only reflect on you (this concept might be a little too complicated for you); so, I'll just say this, "You go right ahead boy...stomp all you want." Sayonara.

Linda, February 3 2009, 1:32 PM


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