Again I ask you where are your plans? what solutions do you...

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Again I ask you where are your plans?

what solutions do you Linda, present?.

are you a member of the "Gutter Rat" members of are society that you detest so much waiting for " Mr. Blans" to come and help. and furthermore do you believe that the U.S. would really help us get are act together.

no my dear, they will feed us you know that! as far as financing the building of a prison we in the dyaspora could do that in one night of fundraising we do not need any outside or foreign help to that. labor and materials are cheap in Haiti, and I believe these Prisons should be located in what we call the country side where there are alot of vegetations but not to far from P-a-P where new roads and Highways are needed.

I believe you get paid to blog on this site Linda, and your job most of the time is to play devil's advocate but honestly there is no amount of money anyone could pay me to betray my people I am successful and content my dear....

Xavier, February 3 2009, 10:03 AM


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Xavier, 2-Feb-09 5:06 pm
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Linda, 2-Feb-09 6:36 pm
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Linda, 2-Feb-09 6:47 pm
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Xavier, 2-Feb-09 9:23 pm
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Xavier, 2-Feb-09 9:41 pm
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Will, 2-Feb-09 10:20 pm
haiti is not ready to be like none of those county at all i just left haiti like five days ago i felt like i was in... read more >
Will, 2-Feb-09 10:26 pm
My brother Will, I appreciate your message and your conveying of solidarity, with the truth. the time has come and... read more >
Xavier, 2-Feb-09 10:53 pm
Sounds to me like someone has a plan to make lots of money with private jails in Haiti. Of all the things that could... read more >
Linda, 3-Feb-09 12:27 am
Again I ask you where are your plans? what solutions do you Linda, present?. are you a member of the "Gutter Rat... read more >
Xavier, 3-Feb-09 10:03 am
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