The problem is since I read participations that could be...

El Caribeno - February 1 2009, 3:24 PM

the problem is since I read participations that could be interesting and draw attention on this blog particularly, the comment of Linda and Tiba, the problem is all the comments are the same, empty of obgectivity, I mean: the only thing they do on this blog, this preval blog, is critycise, they never give their opinion, but critycise, critycise, me I'm not living in Haiti, in reality the haitian problem is in some chere not my problem, however, I realise all the haitians have the same problem that is in fact a personnal problem: the only thing they do better is talking, I mean they are talkitive, they talk to talk that is all. you never come with an idea, your opinion, a new idea which orther kan chare with: ex: what would you like to see the capital city, what do you expect from the next president, preval will be president no more, what would you like to see done in the country for the next years?

how do you think problems kan be solved?

for me I would like to hear you over how they kan give other image of Haiti' big cities which are in fact not city but huge "bidonville", the tourism ect ect, for me I think saying that aristide-preval are this or that some time with injure word don't help. we are not in the year 70-80ties any more, the world has changed, Duvalier is 50 years ago. At that time there were not what we have today to inform and communicate, you kan not compare this period with duvaliers's period.


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