Sad American You said: "You Know what Tiba, I think you need...

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Sad American

You said: "You Know what Tiba, I think you need to take your smart A-- and go to Haiti to teach those less fortunate.

I think you need to start from begining by teaching Haitian children to learn and write english...

What do you think?


Correction: To your big surprise, I did get my smart *ss down to Haiti to do exactly that, and I have been doing it in my hometown, since 1995. And I can tell you that people in my hometown are much better off today than they were before 1995. Not only I am helping with their education, but they are also getting basic health care and economic development assistance as well. And guess what?

I was able to pull all that off without spending not one dime out of my porckets.

And no, I am not looking for a pat on the back, or a cookie, nor for glory either.

You also need to know that I am not a rich person in any shape and form. In fact, I can barely pay my bills every month.

But you see, I was able to use my communication skills that I learned from the United States to convince Americans in the city where I live who have with knowledge, resources, the know-how and influence, etc...

to provide the resources needed to finance and sustain the project in my hometown.

Twice a year I take them down to Haiti in groups for a week here, 2 weeks there, and some stayed for months just to volunteer in the project.

The local people are running it because it is their project and their life and future depend on it, which means they are also learning managerial/administrative skills in the process as well. The project is running under an annual budget of $85,000, which pays the salaries of an 8 member staff that includes doctors, nurses, lab tech, etc...

You see, Sad, we can be all Haitians but we are not actually all the same. While you agree with someone to say "you was, I been, if I was you, etc..." to be perfect and proper English that doesn't mean someone else must agree with it nor accepted because it is a reflection of incompetence and mediocrity.

You put that crap in your resume no body will hire you for anything, plain and simple.

I remember Bill Cosby got thrown under the bus by the black community for talking about this very issue.

Unfortunately, this is what we are as a race. We embrace, accept, admire, and tolerate mediocrity and incompetence in our world, and yet, we keep asking ourselves why can't we ever be more successful and more accomplished as a race.

For example, I have been to a lot of Haitian restaurants in Miami to eat. In case you wonder yes "diri ak pwa" is my favorite meal and no one else on the planet can fis it better than Haitians.

And to be honest with you, some of these rtestaurants are more dirty and smell than city dump, but we don't care about that because the saying is "I don't live there, I just come to eat and the food is good why should I care how the place looks like and smell?" And yet, many of us will not take our non-Haitian friends to these restaurants to eat because of the poor sanitation.

I have seen so many so-called Haitian businesses in Miami and in Brooklyn that look just like they are in "Marche Croibosal." We can keep tolerating these types of medicority and incompetence in our world as Haitians.

Whatever happened to pride and dignity?

Before you jump the gun and come swinging at me like Luois-Jean Beauge, try to step out of the bubble box for a minute and think about these examples that I just presented and see if there is any truth to what I said, or if I am just trying to sit higher than the toilet seat.

It might be very hard for you and others to believe it, but I am for a better Haiti, a well educated Haiti, and more competent with the knoo-how Haiti.

These are the only atributes that will take us to a prosprous Haiti.

I do know and acknowledge that the blog is not an English class 101. And once again, if we, Haitians, just refuse to make the affort to better the way we write English, French, and our native Creole in a format that readers can understand then I am affraid to say it, but Haiti is really doomed because the country counts on those premises for its suvival and future.

You can insult me all you want and call me all the names you want to, but by the time we get faced with this reality it might ba too late because this is not about me.

Tiba, January 31 2009, 9:49 AM

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