give it up already

James - January 28 2007, 11:04 PM

I stand by my comment!!! go back and read it again.

I have not made any unfounded accusations.

I said I would not condemn nor defend Aristide because I don't know him. If he did everything they said he did then eventually we will find out but for now i accept everything I hear about him with skepticism.

But you seem to be upset because i'm objective.

In addition, you don't need to get all defensive because i made a general comment so everyone would stop wasting their time in futile arguments that will fuel hatred and division.

Why not post constructive ideas that will help our country.

What's the point on focusing on a figure who is so controversial.

You believe he's a saint others think he's guilty, nothing you say will convince them to accept your views and nothing they say will convince you. So give it up. Not just you everybody needs to end this useless set of argument.

Why can't we just focus on Haiti's problems for now instead of arguing about a man's actions.

What's more valuable Aristide or the future of the country.

We always want to blame the Americans, the Frenchs, the Canadians, the Mulattoes in fact to the average haitian everybody's responsible for haiti's problems except ourselves.

So many other countries have faced oppression, exploitation, even total annihilation yet they manage to unite and rebuild but not us Haitians we prefer to blame others and fight amongst ourselves.

The country is on a path of destruction yet we're still fighting amongst ourselves.

We've been doing the same thing for 200 years.

As soon as we got rid of the French 200 years ago we turned on each other.

We killed Dessalines and forced Henry Christophe to commit suicide.


Our country is on a death bed. Why are we always fighting amongst ourselves?

Why can't we just agree to disagree on certain things and unite to build Haiti.

I know better not to defend politians or any men for that matter.

And my friend this is not a personal attack on you, i'm just tired of Haitians wasting their energy fighting and arguing but we never unite our power to do good. I'm tired of it and i'm sick of being tired.

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I will only stop when everyone stop making unfounded...


give it up

The seeming lack of evidence doesn't mean that a crime was not committed. Aristide is no fool. I'm sure he knows how...

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