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With all due respect, your meassage was very hard to understand, after reading your message several times trying to mak sense of it, I might be wrong, but I could understand that you are criticizing the US double standard immigration policy as it applies to Cuban citizens v. Haitian citizens trying to reach the Florida shores looking for a better life.

This policy is called "dry foot & wet foot" policy.

The fact of the matter is, this immigration policy is an entittlement of restitution granting to Cubans full entry to the US due to the "Bay of Pig" fiasco in the early 60's. US has acknowledge the terrible mistake made which caused many Cuban lives and for that US give a free pass to Cubans as a way for US to ease up its conscience of this heavy guilt.

It is time that we, Haitians, acknowledge and come to the reality that no country owes us anything, nor US or Dominican Republic.

The bottom line is, until we, Haitians, get our house in full order, it will always be difficult for us to get treated like human beings with dignity and respect.

Remember the ol'sayin "Si lakay pa van-n ou, lakou paka achte-ou." We cannot expect to be treated like human beings with respect and dignity by others while our own government is treating us like nobody.

Tiba, January 28 2009, 5:52 PM

Topic: Comment les Etats-Unis ont appauvri Haiti

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