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To All Bloggers!

As we are trying to rant and vent our frustration out, giving suggestions on how to solve some of the problems our country is facing, and trying to address Preval directly, it is very important that we proof read the messages before posting them.

We must keep in mind that whatever we post on here is being read by the entire world, and the world would judge our intelligence by the quality of our writing and grammar, etc...

There are too many typos, bad grammar, and poor constructive sentences in those messages which consequently distort the content and the meaning of what the author is trying to convey.

I know that English nor French is our native language, and therefore, we are all trying our best to do what we can, using these languages to express our feelings, rage, discontent, disappointment, and frustration, and by doing so, we need to respect the rules of writing as much as we can.

I'll be very insulted if someone writes my name in lower case. The first letter of people's names must always in capital letter.

For example, the first letter "P" in the name of our incompetent and mediocre president must be written in capital letter "P."

Don't be to much in a hurry to post messages, but make sure that the message you're posting is written in a away that readers can understand it well.

This is NOT an English class 101, and so, let it be know that I was NOT criticizing anyone.

I was only giving a suggestion and making it away to all that there are other people around the world who read the blog too. Let us try NOT to make a foul out of ourselves.

Tiba, January 28 2009, 8:53 AM

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Tiba, perhaps it would be best to allow people to express themselves the best way they can. I don't think people are... read more >
Linda, 28-Jan-09 11:19 am
Linda As I said before, I do acknowledge that neither English or French is Haitian native language. We are all doing... read more >
Tiba, 28-Jan-09 12:06 pm
Tiba Who in the HELL made you a Grammar expert. That is what is wrong with the Haitian culture. They are always ready... read more >
Sad American Haitian, 28-Jan-09 7:02 pm
I agree, If you understand what the person is trying to say why do you care about grammar. Beside, there are french... read more >
Yon Ayisyen, 28-Jan-09 7:13 pm
Just like I thought it would be, emotion is indeed running wild. Sad American said: "They are always ready to... read more >
Tiba, 28-Jan-09 10:41 pm
Tiba, I hate that I have to be on the opposite side of you on this argument, but as you know from blogging with me all... read more >
Linda, 29-Jan-09 8:37 am
Alors AYHISYEN Passe completement a cote de la manche. Vous representez ce que vous ecrivez et un blog est un site... read more >
Yves Salamanque, 29-Jan-09 11:48 am
You Know what Tiba, I think you need to take your smart A-- and go to Haiti to teach those less fortunate. I think you... read more >
Sad American Haitian, 30-Jan-09 10:47 pm
Sad American You said: "You Know what Tiba, I think you need to take your smart A-- and go to Haiti to teach those... read more >
Tiba, 31-Jan-09 9:49 am
Tiba, I admire the work that you do for Haitians. I also admirer your passion for your people. I wonder if other... read more >
Linda, 31-Jan-09 5:32 pm
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