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If you check "www," blog you will find some members using part of the Obama speech where he asked poor countries to stop blaming the west for their faillures, as support to defend US accomplicity to Haiti's economic failure.

Though it is sad to see those Haitians who know very little or nothing at all about US foreign policy in Haiti and those with very short memory who forget so quickly the game and the history US played with Haiti leading to Haiti's current shameful state of misery.

The history started way back in 1804 that I really don't have the time to go over in detailed.

Many of us know either a little bit or a lot about 1915, the occupation of Haiti by the United Stated.

However, there is a very important part of the American invasion of Haiti that many on this blog don't really know about, which remains a contributing factor today of Haiti's downfall.

During World War II, the United States would have lost the war big time if it weren't for Haiti.

Th United States, ran out of tires to keep its truck fleet and other vehicles in operation.

Panic started to sink in for the Americans, and meanwhile Haiti had declared war against Japan, Italy and Germany.

Well, to make a long story short, Haiti came to the aid of the United States by providing "Rubber" to the United States free of charge to make tires that US needed so desperatly.

The very first think the US-Marines did when they invaded Haiti in 1915, they destroyed all the rubber trees in Haiti and poisoned all the rivers, spring water (sous dlo), and poisoned all the vagetation in Haiti.

Haitians started dying like flies which had created a cholora epidemic in Haiti.

In 1992, the United States put up a naval barikade on Haiti's waters imposing a total economic embargo on Haiti, and within 2 months the entire Haiti's economy collapsed which the effect is still in full course today.

Many respected American economists suggested that it will take Haiti another 100 years to get the economy where it was before the collapse.

I thought that I would share this little piece of reality with the bloggers.

This is not myth, fabrication, or propaganda.

These are facts and reality of US malicious foreign policy on Haiti.

Even former president Jimmy Carter acknowledged that US policy in Haiti is pure racist and discrimatory.

I don't see how I can stop blaming US for most of Haiti's failure.

Of course, the incompetent and mediocre governments of Haiti, past and present do play a major role as well.

Tba, January 23 2009, 5:28 PM

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Linda, If you check "www," blog you will find some members using part of the Obama speech where... read more >
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