Is Haiti's Current Government Ready?

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If"YES", then:"HOW?"

Dr Antonio M. Pinchinat (PhD)

Antonio Pinchinat, January 22 2009, 1:14 AM

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Hi, Doc. Haiti's current Government may not be ready to modernize Haiti but they certainly can if the Haitian... read more >
Rubens Titus, 26-Jan-09 4:06 am
Dr. Pinchinat; I am not sure how much you know about the current state of the Haitian nation. It might be helpful to... read more >
Linda, 27-Jan-09 11:58 am
I wonder why there would not be anything reliable written about Haiti's history for the past 20 years? Any speculation? read more >
Larry Mulligan, 2-Feb-09 11:05 pm
Larry, there are a some good books out there about Haiti. Try reading Trouillot's Haiti: State Against Nation. An... read more >
Linda, 3-Feb-09 12:33 am
Larry, one of Paul Farmer's earliest books is also very good. It's call The Uses of Haiti. read more >
Linda, 3-Feb-09 12:40 am
Thanks, I will see if I can get it. Paul Farmer, M.D. has a clinic very near where our sister parish is located in... read more >
Larry Mulligan, 3-Feb-09 1:31 am
Have you seen "Haiti in the Balance: why foreign aid has failed & what you can do about it", by T. F. Burns & Adam... read more >
Larry Mulligan, 3-Feb-09 1:38 am
Larry, I am pleasantly surprised at the fact that you seem to actually understand the concept of "do no harm." It is... read more >
Linda, 3-Feb-09 3:00 am
No I haven't. I will be sure to get it in the next month (which is when I plan to start reading again). I'm sorry to... read more >
Linda, 3-Feb-09 3:16 am
By the way, when I was in graduate school, I was suppose to meet with P. Farmer for a work related thing, but I had a... read more >
Linda, 3-Feb-09 3:22 am
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