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Question for you, let say for example you went to an adoption agency in the city where you live here in the US to adopt a child, you and the adoption agency are facing with some problems to complete the adoption, would you go to the governor of your state or to Obama, the president of the United States for help to complete the adoption?

So, do you really believe once Preval would hear about all the missionary work you're doing in Haiti that will impress him so much and that will convince him to give you a special treatment or something?

It really amazes me to see the kind of perception foreigners and even some Haitian natives have about Haiti.

People like you think that because Haiti is a corrumpt country, poor with no functioning judicial system, etc...

so you think that you can just bypass the entire system and go directly straight to the president and get all of your needs and wants met. Isn't that full of arrogance?

Shawn, let me tell you that there are thousands of foreigners like yourself who have adopted children from Haiti, and believe it or not, as broken and deranged as it is, they all had to go through the system using their lawyers expertise and got their wishes met. Just like United States, many have experienced some bumps along the way like you are now experiencing, and for others it was as easy as Sunday morning.

Perhaps you have a bad lawyer and need to get a new one. This is why you pay a lawyer for, is to walk you through the system.

It is evident to me that the lawyer you have doesn't know the system and unable to navigate well enough to omplete the adoption.

It seems to me that your problems lie with your lawyer.

Preval will not be able to do anything for you in case like this.

And please Shawn, stop the nonsense about adopting a Haitian kid is helping Haiti.

I would agree that you're helping the parents of the child, but NOT Haiti, if that were the case, with all the thousaunds of Haitians adopted by foreigners, Haiti would have been as prosperous as the United States.

If you don't get that child to the United States with you so you and the child can keep helping Haiti, so you said. What if it doesn't happen, are you going to stop doing whatever you were doing Haiti?

Is that a threat or something?

Is it because whatever you're doing in Haiti is so indispensable that the people of Haiti cannot and will not be able to survive without it?

I would suggest to all of you out there, foreigners and Haitian natives, to thouroughly think about what you want to say and what you're saying before posting it on the blog because there are a bunch of us on this blog with full capacity of "Critical Thinking."

Good luck Shawn, I hope you get that child.

Tba, January 21 2009, 8:38 AM


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