Is Montresor 2011 An OutSider?

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My fellow Haitians,

After visited this site "sakapfet"

I decided to address this issue for many of you once and for all.

I want you the Haitian people to know that I've not get any foreign finances to finance this vision, and I've lose many of my long time friends, American and Haitians as well; once I told them my dreams and vision to go back to Haiti and help.

I am a business man and have been for over 16 years, and this is how I supported my family and paid for the expenses of this dream vision yet again once I told the community here about my dreams and vision to go back to Haiti I lose 95% of my business income.

I understand many of you may not share my faith or view points on the issues of Haiti and maybe I am not doing it exactly as expected to earn your support; yet again the choices are yours to do so in 2011.

Please know this...

again I don't have any American organizations or any foreign governments financing me (Montresor) in bringing change to Haiti matter of fact many are angry with me (Montresor) after knowing my dreams and vision for Haiti in 2011 because they understood the power of this dream and vision while you fellow Haitians going around defining me and my family with no support and encouragements to move forward.

I hope this settle your questions of me being an outsider, and foreign puppets.

God Bless
Sincerely yours,

montresor2011 at

Montresor 2011, January 18 2009, 11:24 AM

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