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Pierre P Moise - January 12 2009, 5:39 PM

Mr. Preval, my name is Pierre Moise, and just recently I traveled to Haiti for my mother's hospitalization which later on died. By the way, she was from Latibonite also. I have been in Aviation for now more than 22 years, and the question that I have for you. Why AA is allowed to treat the Haitians the way that they do caus there is no way that they could treat passengers like that in America.

I would be glad to see that we open that route to other competitors or even have our own National Airline.

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Makanda says...

That is a very good point worth discussing. American Airline should not have the monopoly when it comes to traveling... more »

Pierre P Moise says...

As an employee of an other Airline, worth noted that I have been working in the Industry for more than 22 years, there... more »

Monclas Noel says...

I echo the same opinions or sentiments of everyone that have expressed themselves in regards to the way Haitians are... more »

Tba says...

The mistreatment of Haitians by American Airline didn't just start yesterday, or last month, nor last year. This has... more »

Eli says...

pierre just tellme if u r from north carolina im in vegas i ned to talk to u about telephone business if u sell... more »

Eli says...

hi pierre. r u the person that sell telephones, im in vegas please tell me if u r in the business, im from Dom. Rep... more »