Your Alzheimer must be kicking I told you in my response to...

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Your Alzheimer must be kicking I told you in my response to you December 26 (go look it up):

I am wasting my time on this blog trying to help Haitian's get past that old ex-slave mentality.

All blacks countries are poor. I am trying to create awareness because somewhere, somehow none of us has the capability to govern ourselves.

Since I do not speak Swahili, here is a good place to start.

Giving Duri ak choux so you can be called papa or maitre Tiba is not helping.

You're just creating prasites.

Showing them how to grow their own is.

Please!!! stop acting like a know it all and give people false information.

Because of Haiti's constitution once you became a US citizen, you're no longer Haitian and cannot be deported to Haiti.

I told you last night to google in the Miami Herald Jean Baptiste from Florida.

U.S. Immigration moved to revoke his citizenship in 2000, not because of the conviction but because the conviction occurred while he was awaiting citizenship.

And the Haitian government refused to take him back, saying that Jean-Baptiste renounced his Haitian citizenship when he swore allegiance to the United States in 1996. He was released from jail in 2006 and still leaves in Florida.

This case marked the first time since 1962 that a denaturalized citizen was ordered deported after a drug conviction.

Those fools that the US are sending to Haiti were illegal or resident Alien.

You Tiba, just like the rest of us became US citizen because of one reason only. This country is better than Haiti and we want to take advantage of what it has to offer.

I do not disassociated myself from Haitians because I am ashamed of them. I only try to stay around people that are driven and intellectually, mentally, economically like me. You avoid so much drama this way.

Je suis un juif errant, je n'ai pas de pays. At anytime I would go back to Haiti or I would become citizen of whatever country as long as there are greater opportunities and safety for me and my family than here.

Sebastian, January 9 2009, 2:03 AM

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Tba, 6-Jan-09 8:09 pm
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Tba, 6-Jan-09 8:26 pm
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Sebastian, 7-Jan-09 3:56 am
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Tiba, 7-Jan-09 6:19 am
I'll make the point for you again maybe this time you'll get it. Liounel said "IF that was true we should be glad".Do... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 12:05 am
sebastian, sebastian, sebastian, Di you read what you wrote over again before you posted it on the blog? I don't think... read more >
Tba, 8-Jan-09 9:05 am
I no longer have Haitian written on my forehead. I have freed myself. Outside this blog, the only Haitians I ENCOUNTER... read more >
Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 2:54 pm
Sebastian I'm done reasoning with you! My naturalized US citizenship is not THE topic/issue at hand. You are so... read more >
Tba, 8-Jan-09 3:51 pm
Your Alzheimer must be kicking I told you in my response to you December 26 (go look it up): I am wasting my time on... read more >
Sebastian, 9-Jan-09 2:03 am
Tiba, im glad that those of us who are well informed cannot fall prey to this misinformation. Again to those who do... read more >
James.l, 12-Jun-09 9:05 pm
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