Wow!Remember you said this "When you think about Haiti you see...

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wow!Remember you said this

"When you think about Haiti you see troubadour, belle plage, lambi, belle negresse kreyole."

If I can expect to go to Haiti and see the above "sweet things"Why is Haiti described as hell to the world?

Why do we major on the negative and minor on the extreme to the positive.

We must learn to play the game. There is poverty everywhere across the Caribbean, Yet they recieve so many visitors.

Jamaica is a murderous country.

Haiti is violent because of the politics we practice, Haitians are not as violent as you think.

Frustration causes occasional outbreaks, but for countries like Trinidad and Jamaica violence is a daily encounter, yet they market themselves as the best tourist destinations on earth.

We need to have a more balanced perception of what constitutes a nation.

A nation is blend of both poles positive and negative, some times extremes.

But to morrow Haiti to only the worst on earth, is a psychological deficit I am not willing to give in to.

Louinel Jean, January 8 2009, 4:24 PM

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wow!Remember you said this "When you think about Haiti you see troubadour,belle plage, lambi, belle negresse kreyole.... read more >
Louinel Jean, 8-Jan-09 4:24 pm
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Sebastian, 9-Jan-09 3:24 am
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