Even UN officials and MINUSTAH personnels admited time and...

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Even UN officials and MINUSTAH personnels admited time and time again that Haiti is the safest place in the caribbean and much safer than New York City and Chicago.

All the negative being perpetrated on Haiti is a conspiracy theory to keep Haiti from moving forward.

Jamaica is the crime empire of the caribbean, and yet, you don't hear US department issuing travel restriction to Jamaica and you don't see US stopping US investments from going to Jamaica to invest either.

There is a full fletch war going on in Middle East, but you don't hear US government on hijack the airwaves issuing travel restriction to Israel.

The attack in India last month did not have the US government issuing travel restriction to India.

Now, one person got shot in Haiti, US government takes over all the news outlets issuing travel ban (NOT TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS) to Haiti and economic sanction being imposed on Haiti until Haiti curbs the violence.

Does any of you bone heads out there ever ask the question "WHY?" No, I don't think so. In fact, you are all extremely happy about that.

It proves how weak minded Haitians really are. It really shows how incapable Haitins are of "critical thinking."

Tba, January 8 2009, 4:09 PM

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Sebastian, 8-Jan-09 3:22 pm
Even UN officials and MINUSTAH personnels admited time and time again that Haiti is the safest place in the caribbean... read more >
Tba, 8-Jan-09 4:09 pm
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Sebastian, 9-Jan-09 3:24 am
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