Jean Haiti is one of the safest Island in the Caribbean even...

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Haiti is one of the safest Island in the Caribbean even while the kidnapping was happening.

Did you know that there are more kindnapping in Trinidad and Tobago and more crime in Jamaica than Haiti?I know the Caribbean, I went to school in Jamaica.

I am speaking from the top of head. I went to Trinidad several times.

The problem is that we Haitian exagerate the situation alongside the world media to make Haiti look like hell.

This is why we we will never achieve anything untill those of us who speak about and unbehalf of Haiti pay some attention to what is happening elsewhere.

We most stap declaring Haiti the worst without proper comparison.

Worst is a comparative word.

Can you afford to have the right percapita ratio of policemen without the means to sustain such a budget?

Can afford to have a police that is simply supported by international aid?

since when was international aid an instrument of development?

If you should answer those questions objectively, you will see that to sustain security we will need some good technology, good number of men in our arm force.

We can do that but not untill we maximize the concept of national production.

The last time I checked, the best way to achieve those end is education and production.

These give you a voice in the international stage and bring dignity to your people.

A dignified people is always easier to manage, to secure, to protect.

If this is not true then I really don't know what else to say.

If you secure Haiti before all that tell me what you are going to secure?

You can secure Haiti as much as you can right now, but you will barely be able to bring investment to the country, Haiti is not a viable investment zone because the extreme illiteracy rate and poverty which make it onconducive to such endeavor.

Can you see how dirty the country is?

Any time you see a people that become comfortable with "fatra" it means a deficit in dignity.

We must retore dignity by feeding the people and by educating them.

We can also continue to inprove security but to make the main priority of the government now will mean almost absolutely nothing if we look at the situation rationally.

Louinel Jean, January 8 2009, 10:10 AM

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Jean Haiti is one of the safest Island in the Caribbean even while the kidnapping was happening. Did you know that... read more >
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