Une Bourse d'etudes

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The incapacity of the Haitian government to tabulate and held accountable those who owe money to the government is not a reason to do away with a program capable of changing the face of government in Haiti and the country as a whole.

That is one of the reason why with the Haiti Act of 2007 one of the propose clause is to make it illegal for anyone receiving aid from the Haitian government or program to work elsewhere prior to finishing its residency.

Since you have studied abroad, you know that if you stop paying your student loans, the IRS will garnished your wages, your tax return will be seized, property etc. What we need to do is to reinforce the government institutions so that we hold everyone accountable.

Jolibois Selondieu, January 25 2007, 8:54 AM

Topic: Une bourse d'etudes

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Gontrand Malio, 24-Jan-07 11:40 am
There's a lot of students who receives scholarships from the Haitian government to go study abroad in countries like... read more >
Mark, 24-Jan-07 3:19 pm
The incapacity of the Haitian government to tabulate and held accountable those who owe money to the government is not... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 25-Jan-07 8:54 am
C'est pas le President qui vous repond, je suis quelqu'un en connaissance de cause du sujet dont vous venez de... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 25-Jan-07 8:59 am
Merci pour ta sagesse de bien vouloir me repondre a la place de Son Excellence.Je vous felicite cher Mr.Je voulais... read more >
Gontrand, 25-Jan-07 9:14 am
Selondieu I'm not oppose to students studying abroad. Like i've said previously, in most cases it provides a great... read more >
Mark, 25-Jan-07 7:23 pm
Hey, 10 years ago, i would not accept that haitian students stay in Canada or the USA after their education. But let's... read more >
Kokis, 25-Jan-07 11:34 pm
I understand your concerns. It's true Haiti is no safe country. And my comment is not aimed at students such as... read more >
Mark, 26-Jan-07 2:35 am
Hey man, I difinetely agree with you, the government should take an important step to improve education in Haiti, but... read more >
Kokis, 26-Jan-07 11:08 am
We can all agree that the government cannot do it alone, almost everything is broken in Haiti. Help is available... read more >
Mark, 28-Jan-07 2:42 pm
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