After Henry Christophe Preval is our best ever.

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Oberver King, please you must change your name to something else. If you call yourself observer, this is the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life. Rene Preval has done more for Haiti than any other President since the reign of Henry Christophe until today.

Under his administration, roads have been fixed, and he has also built new homes for the poor in our nine departments.

Most people who has visited Haiti under his admistration have falled in love again with the island.

Some Presidents spent thousands of dollars in buying rice and beans for the population which is hundred percent wrong.

Rene Preval has contacted some Engineers in China, Haiti, and Japan in order to see if our land can produce enough food for the population.

This is a man with vision and understanding.

By buying food for more than six millions people is just stupid.

In less than a month, the population will be back in misery because no one can buy food for a country forever.

A President like Rene Preval understands that if he can produce his own food, the population will be better off for many years to come.

I have a good friend of mine who has visited Haiti under Preval administration, this man told me that he was driving his car on a road, forgot completly if he was in Haiti because the feeling of driving reminds him of the United States.

Unfortunately, these roads did not last because the engineers did not do a good job. It seems like they did not do a good mix with water, stone, and ciment etc. After a few months, these roads were destroyed by water.

Once again the President was not responsible for the damage, the engineers should be put in jail for doing such a terrible job.

This time, I would like President preval to sign contracts with those engineers saying that if the roads are not solid they will be responsible to refix them with no charge or they will go to jail for stealing.

An observer should recognize good stuffs, and go with the positive flow. If you are unable to identify good stuffs, you are nothing than a dangerous element.

Robert Magic St Fleur, April 26 2006, 9:51 PM

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