Actually, when I went to take the ceremony I was not force to...

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Actually, when I went to take the ceremony I was not force to renounce because I was Haitian.

Everybody in the whole room had to renounce their country.

It is not your right to keep your Haitian Citizenship.

The only way keeping your Haitian citizenship would be your right is if the constitution stated once born Haitian you'll always be Haitian.

Once you become a US citizen, the constitution no longer recognizes you as Haitian.

Google the story of Jean Baptiste from Miami.

When U.S. Immigration revoked his citizenship in 2000 and ordered him to be deported to Haiti because of a drug conviction while he was awaiting citizenship.

The Haitian government refused to take him back, saying that Jean-Baptiste renounced his Haitian citizenship when he swore allegiance to the United States in 1996.

All of us that are US citizen are no longer Haitian.

If we all can go to Haiti with only a "feuille de route" it is because our immigration system is not working just like everything else in our country.

Montrose idea to have people pay $695 to reapply for their Citizenship would have been a great idea to get some money in the country if it was not endangering our US citizenship.

And I know for fact no matter how loud you sing "Haiti Cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan point" you're not ready to give up your US citizenship.

Haitians do not want to pay for nothing that is why they have nothing.

I guess now getting an amendment of the constitution stating once born Haitian you'll always be Haitian would be the way to go.

"Pe Lebrun, kraze brize, woywoy and coup d'etat"do not work. That is why I said the old generation needs to step aside The new generation needs to take it easy, be less irrational and consider some kind of impeachment to get rid of lousy presidents

Sebastian, January 7 2009, 2:55 AM

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Actually, when I went to take the ceremony I was not force to renounce because I was Haitian. Everybody in the whole... read more >
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Tba, 7-Jan-09 1:32 pm
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