Mr. President don't blame the Haitian Elite

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Mr. President I want to wish you an happy new year, and may God help you in any way possible to bring the country out of from the ocean because we are tired of swimming.

On December 27, 2007 after organizing a Forum in Arcahaie to ask for an immediate end of the current occupation of Haiti by foreign soldiers, the people of Haiti have asked you if you can stop the occupation of Haiti.

You replied by saying: No, your hands are tights and the Haitian elites do not want to help. With all due respect for you Mr. president, don't blame the Haitian elite, blame it on yourself because you are the president.

who is the Haitian elites by the way. Are you talking about those guys from Palestine, Kuwait, and some of the Arab world or the middle East whom have trouble on their own, who is trying to escape their own problem, who did never heard about the marvelous works of our ancestors in Vertierres, Arcahaie, Gonaives, La Tortue and so on. Are you proud to be Haitian Mr. President.

You have the power to command Haiti not the Haitian elites.

If the Haitian elite like you accept the occupation is because the president did not give them a better alternative.

Mr President I truly think Dessaline, Toussaint Louverture, Francois Capois, Lamort those brave Haitians soldiers would be ashame of you for compromising their legacy, the legacy of the Haitian people.

Now, we want your imput to tell the people what is their alternative.

You were elected as president to lead the people of Haiti.

According to your own word. you neglect this responsibility.

We will take the beton in our own and expedite the end of this pervert occupation.

Jean Dantilus, January 6 2009, 7:29 PM

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