Re: Is a blog to detect the anti-Preval's people?

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Many people keep saying that this blog is a fake one to detect all Haitians that don't believe in the Preval's government.

Are you going to continue the Duvalier's political regime in term of executing or killing those who are against your government?

Tell the Apostolic Nonce to shut up, for the catholic church is responsible of Haitians' pains and sufferings by being the biggest landowner of Haiti.

Tell him that the catholic church must return the agricultural land areas that are in its possession.

Tell him to shut up, for the catholic curch is a great advocate for the Haitian misery.

Tell him to talk to the Haitian colons, for they are worst than the French colons.

Tell him to talk to the Haitian's congress, for the latter is the greatest accomplice against the Haitian people and on behalf of the Haitian colons.

I believe that you want to change this country, but that cannot be done without a second revolution.

Haitians need to mobolize their forces to replace the Haitian economic elite by the American one like Puerto Rico. We will all lose, for it is time to restore human dignity in Haiti.

French or European elites will not help us solve our economic problems and we cannot let the U.S. continue to destabilize and corrupt this country.

We must do like Porto Rico. Make Haiti become an official territory of the U.S. and things will be better for Haitians.

Currently, Haiti is an unofficial American territory with its military bases all over Haiti.

Aristide was overthrown by the American military with their trained accolyte named Guy Phillipe.

You can be reversed any time if you continue to refuse the order of the American government.

Be very careful, for your days could be numbered.

It is time to end this political mess and stop playing the Haitian elite and the French government's games.

Let the American manage this land, for you have no control over it and the Haitian colons will not let you govern it well. Stop being a puppet, you need to know how to play the game. If you cannot play the political game, let the Haitian people organize their own movement similar to Rwanda to end the Haitian colonization by the Haitian colons in Haiti.

Things must change, and if your blog is to detect spies against your government it will not go far. We will destroy it when we know it exists for that purpose.

We love you, but we believe that you can end the oppression in Haiti by playing the game with the Haitian colons and the Americans as well. Fok sa change Preval, nou dwe brase kat la anko ou byen a la Castro ou a la Rwanda.

Take note, for a second revolution is needed...

Mathieu Derisse, January 5 2009, 5:27 PM

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