I am not going to attack you because of your idea. I think...

Sebastian - January 5 2009, 3:54 AM

I am not going to attack you because of your idea. I think Haitians let their emotions overwhelm them too often and too much. I wonder if Haiti could be like Puerto Rico. Actually the more I think about it less it huts. It even seems just.
Maybe we should be honest for once and admit that we are a failed state.

We tried for 200 years and we were unable to govern ourselves.

Most of us from the diaspora not only have our green cards but are US citizens.

We have plenty of food, we are safe, we have college education, we have beautiful houses, we are leaving the American dream.

Maybe it is selfish and unjust that in the name of first black republic, Dessalines, Toussaint we let our children die of hunger, our sisters kidnap and rape our brothers beheaded for 200 more years.


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