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We must ask all exiled Haitians to return in their country for a full reconstruction of Haiti.

Jean Claude Duvalier, Michelle Bennett and Aristide just to name a few must return to their country to help. We must restore the rules of law and democracy to see all Haitian exiled overseas that they were wrong when they were in power.

We must stop stealing Haitian money and resources to help Haiti changed, for Haiti is our country.

We failed to judge all former Haitian thieves so we must allow them to return...

Mathieu Derisse, January 4 2009, 11:53 PM

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yes Michelle we must allow them to return and face the law especialy Aristide read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 5-Jan-09 11:00 am
after what happened we can forgive all these people but You must QUIET cause forgiving is not forgetting that all... read more >
Chocolate, 15-Feb-10 12:14 pm
I agree wit Robert; they must return to be judge by the law. All of them, not just Aristide. read more >
Linda, 15-Feb-10 12:28 pm


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