Way to go Sir, "catching the bee with the honey" # 1- There...

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Way to go Sir, "catching the bee with the honey"

# 1- There will be no puppets leaders serving doing the next Presidency

# 2- I have a feeling the next Presidency will be about Power and Pride for country

# 3- Information (s) for national interest

4- Image (s) and order with upscale discipline.

# 5- A sweet bee with a Honey bomb; no warning timer and only Jesus and he knows when or where the bomb will drop. Oops it was a mistake let us Initiate the peace process is what I've got of the next President.

Sweet Bee With A Honey, January 3 2009, 2:45 AM

Topic: Preval Says 2009 Will Be Tough Year For Haiti

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Yes peace can only be achieved if we can get rid of corruptions.If we can have leaders with vision...if we can set up... read more >
George Belizaire, 2-Jan-09 11:29 pm
Way to go Sir, “catching the bee with the honey” # 1- There will be no puppets leaders serving doing the next... read more >
Sweet Bee With A Honey, 3-Jan-09 2:45 am
come on a batista sounds better,troujio was a physco and hated blacks he killed 30,000 haitians in one week in,hes... read more >
Fritz Rocourt, 3-Jan-09 2:52 pm
That is what I am talking about What do you mean by You are a mulattoe? You are just simply a NIGGER who happens to be... read more >
Yves Salamanque Gren Son Nen, 3-Jan-09 6:21 pm
I GUEST YOU 'RE RIGHT..... read more >
George Belizaire, 3-Jan-09 7:01 pm
Like I say Like I know Like I experinced it NOTHINGS WILL NEVER CHANGE IN HAITI One way or another < < < < < The best... read more >
Marie, 4-Jan-09 1:20 am
Marie, Haiti will change because the new generation of Haitian thinks differently than you do. I meet with so many... read more >
John The Baptist, 4-Jan-09 9:01 am
well if no such thing as biracial rings abell then explain to me were would haiti be if all those lite skin niggers... read more >
Fritz Rocourt, 4-Jan-09 12:06 pm
Hi I do belive Haiti will change someday BUT BEFORE ALL "WE THE PEOPLES OF HAITI MUST CHANGE FIRST" If we want to... read more >
Marie, 4-Jan-09 9:19 pm


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