I will commented only on the last 4 paragraphs cause the above...

Ralph Darbouze - December 29 2008, 3:24 PM

I will commented only on the last 4 paragraphs cause the above one did not elaborate my previous comments for one simple fact, I never insulted any one. The truth is the truth.

What you call "trashing out our system" is only putting a mirror in front of the system.

If it looks like, trash I am not responsible..., trust me...it is because it is trash right now and something needs to be done about it

As a matter of fact when you said "every one input is important when it come to change...", it exactly what I have been advocating since day one in that blog and I even, tried to welcome people to make one force.

So really I should not put more time on those above paragraphs

Now let's talk about more concretes paragraphs you wrote and please give me an answer about my questions.

"To think you don't need the government approval and consent to change the nation education system is pure illusion and frankly with a lot of arrogance."
Yes I do need the government approval and contentment and that is why IMOTECH is patented, the license take 5 years before the system delivered it. But one thing I can tell you within 5 years one promotion will be already out on the field and will be solicited.

"If you really think you can bypass the government and create/develop your own master's degree program for your computer science program, more power to you man."
Once you have the patent the government will not come and oppose your curriculum nor teaching style and tools.

If that they were really stopping program in that matter, they would have top our young or prohibited them from seeking study elsewhere, not would not pay high money to foreigners working in some of the our banking systems.

(if you need more detail on that...I will reply to you later on it)
Now please...and again please tell me how "NAS, AMERICAN ACADEMY, and UNION SCHOOL" not only do not speak French, do not go with national curriculum, and have students at a very, very high cost and still operating in the country some of them way before I my birth?

(I am 34 years old now) please In your next response, give me your thinking on that situation.

"In my view, it would make more sense if you would suggest about meeting the education secretary/the government with some proposals to bring change in the education system."
I may do that but would not anticipate much in it because, I know many before me have tried that and they failed.

They set them self as a real target to be bothered wit corruption, hate, jealousy and more with none positive minded people.

And soon if had to bring my proposal to an entity I believe should know already the right way, should have the power to make that change...but for personal reasons did not do it...not only I would set my self as sheep among the wolves.

And before I know I would be gone all alone with my ideals and my efforts.

Now please in your next note.., tell me why do you think I am calling out for people who got some study abroad?

Please tell me why!!
"You keep asking me and Linda to join you for change, and yet, you still cannot present us with a plan of action, a well detailed blue point of approach."
If I had to answer that now or put anymore comments on that, there would be no point for me asking you to give an answer on the last question.

But I will tell you this...I do not have a (LMSW) I am only a software and network engineer.

I do not I think we need to come up with a plan and strategy...I think we need to educated them the right way so they can reach higher level of critical thinking and they come up with a strategies...but ...I may be wrong on that...tell me what do you think?

And please be specific on those answers they may serve me as I am preparing to go again on 2009 in Haiti.

I am going to, as I started already started it, breaking those government imaginary barriers for you, Linda, myself, and many more Haitians and positive mind who want to come. If my mission is to be more than just teaching computer science, apart of my expenses, let it be but I will make ways for you guys, if in deed those imaginary barriers exist and represent and obstacle for any outsider to go in Haiti and pay their part to their people, I will overcome it for us.

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