Lets Rally Support for Haiti

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My Fellow Haitians,

I am saddened by the Dominicans crimes against the Sons and Daughters of Haiti.

Due to the safety of many Haitians abroad in the Dominican Republic I will not Issue any statements at this time but I must remind the Government and the people of the Dominican that Haitians are the Sons and Daughters of the King and the King shall rise to defend his precious children. 
 We Haitians should not be surprised by the news concerning the situations in Haiti.

For over two (2) years I've been appealing to you about the conditions of our country men, and what's been needed to solve it.

Haiti is desperate for the sacrifice of your commitment and financial support in order to empower concrete change.

So far no Haitians have pledged to give a single cent to help Montresor 2011 as contribution for the cause apart from my family.

My fellow patriots timing and organizational preparation are very important and critical; therefore please donate even if it is one ($1.00) because at this defining moment I need your help.

It is time for us to come together and rescue Haiti.

God Bless!
Please send your contributions to:
Montresor A la Presidence
216 N Main
Sand Springs, Ok 74063

2011 Montresor a la Presidence

Educate yourself about Montresor 2011 political platform go to www.2011haitianunites.com
Montresor2011 at gmail.com

Montresor 2011, December 16 2008, 9:04 PM

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