Tiba, I disagree with you on Education. The better his...

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I disagree with you on Education.

The better his education the better the President chances would be. No way an eager to bring change President from Inaghe, Faculte de droit ect or Community College can be as successful as an eager to bring change Ivy league one. 1st think about the difference in knowledge and exposure.

2nd how can one give what he did not receive?

You have to learn, experience and see how a Republic work before you can create one.

We do not have Clinton's kind competent progressive leader with the know-how, the wisdom in our country.

(painful reality we do not have geniuses, inventors, self made billionaires either).

As I said if they knew how they would not be unsuccessful people to begin with.

having to steal from the government to feed their family.

To some many of our past Presidents have been progressive wile being illiterate.

But what do you call progress?

The kind that put us were we are?

same place with Africa with their illiterate dictators! That is not good enough in the 21st century! The president has to know how to get things done. America is calling upon its best and brightest and we should do the same. Why our president have to always be dumber than theirs?

If we have an Haitian that was Obama's classmate wouldn't we want to call upon him?

It was not "maji" that put Obama where he is certainly not his skin color it was his brain.

With his brain, he created an Empire, raised an insane amount of money, got rid of all his rivals and convinced white America to vote for him. Right now Haiti's brain is all over the world.

I'm sure I disagree with you also on love for the country.

You're probably want a president that sings "Haiti Cherie pi bel peyi pase ou nan point".

I wish for one that wants to crawl into a hole every time they show poverty in Haiti.

Only that kind of president would know what needs to be done and as an Ivy league the right way to get it done! Preval not only lack the right education to know how to get thing done but I can guaranty you he is singing Haiti cherie every morning in the shower.

The simple-minded probably cannot wait to go back to Marmelade to his simple life.

Sebastian, November 30 2008, 5:40 PM

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Tiba, I disagree with you on Education. The better his education the better the President chances would be. No way an... read more >
Sebastian, 30-Nov-08 5:40 pm
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