Haiti's next President

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I want somebody young, bold, smart, proud, that can hit the ground running in 2011 with a dream team cabinet.

He should be a Ivy league graduate with some plans! finally some plans!If plan A fails lets try B, If plan B fails lets try C. Let's wish that he is so controling he has plan D! I am tired of people that do not know where they re taking the country and how they are going to get there.

I want him to be egotistic, wanting to make history, ready to show the world that black countries do not have to be poor!

Sebastian, November 29 2008, 12:30 AM

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Okay tell us who do you think that is? the diaspora is ready to start supporting this fellow; well let say i am ready... read more >
Babaco Pampidous, 29-Nov-08 12:43 am
I wish I knew him my friend! This is just a blueprint of the ideal President I am throwing out there. Hopefully People... read more >
Sebastian, 30-Nov-08 1:19 pm
Our country need Jesus more than ever. I am praying for the Joshua,the Joseph, the David or Daniel of the bible to... read more >
David, 1-Dec-08 8:26 pm


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