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I would like to say why is it that every goverment that are in power in haiti does nothing to change the situation of the country.What ever happen to all the agricultural produce that were bein grown in the country what is Damien doing?Why cant they use the free land to create jobs get all the graduates to work for the gov for free until they've proven them selves.

Hopital general has never no supplies and no service to the population why is that?What does the goverment do with the millions of dollars that are donated?Semms like none of them like to see the country up and running why is that?There so many ports in the country why is that the consantration is in apn in p-a-p.Why cant the industrials be spread out through out the contry more people would leave p-a-p and province will grow. There is never electricity what ever happen to peligre.

Do you know how bad Haitians would like to return to home land. I say stop importing and live off our land woul like to say more but will keep it t'ill next time

Giboulou, November 27 2008, 8:21 AM

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My friend, Preval is a pride less ignorant piece of you know what!. Haiti is becoming Ethiopia and Somalia, Haitians... read more >
Sebastian, 28-Nov-08 11:54 pm


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