We may not be an agreement"soyez prudent"but i believe that we...

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We may not be an agreement"soyez prudent"but i believe that we haitians need to militarize our country.

We became the 2nd indepndent country in the american continent by fighting for freedom.

Do you really believe that UN aka
USA will provide security and fight for Haiti if another country decide to invade us.We need to create a new military where soldiers would need to complete secondary school, born in haiti and no older than 25 years old.Look, Domican republic provide 5000 soldiers to UN and still able to protect their home land.They always dream to occupy Haiti.It's time that we secure our country, we beg for food, money and security, what is your angle?We are a bunch of kings, we want everything to be given to us, we don't have to try to better ourselves because the last armed forces that we had were employed buy US, you believe that we are too naive to change things.

We have to is cross our hands and pray, beg for our basic needs.

I went back but the insecurity in our home destroyed my business.

I respect your opinion, i just desagree with the taught that we, haitians are all incompetent and subject to failure

Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, November 24 2008, 12:05 PM

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Lavaud Desmoulins, 20-Nov-08 9:52 pm
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Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 21-Nov-08 11:18 am
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Prudent Soyez Prudent, 22-Nov-08 11:38 am
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Linda, 22-Nov-08 1:00 pm
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William Josma, 23-Nov-08 10:50 pm
We may not be an agreement"soyez prudent"but i believe that we haitians need to militarize our country.We became the... read more >
Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 24-Nov-08 12:05 pm
When France refused to recognize Haiti's independence 200 years ago, Haiti was forced to pay its colonizer the... read more >
Kapwa, 24-Nov-08 12:55 pm
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