Haiti Senator Kelly Bastien Speaks

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Topic: Haiti Senator Kelly Bastien Speaks

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I notice this guy, Kelly Bastien, on most of the pictures that Rene Preval takes in Haiti. How much do you guys know... read more >
Haitian Inquirer, 18-Nov-08 2:36 pm
When France refused to recognize Haiti's independence 200 years ago, Haiti was forced to pay its colonizer the... read more >
Kapwa, 19-Nov-08 5:00 pm
Is that true what Kapwa just said? The fact that Haiti's debt to France was paid for the entire Island of Hispaniola... read more >
1 6 3 1, 20-Nov-08 12:22 am
Indeed it is true, but more important is the fact that Haiti is the only Caribbean island that completely paid off... read more >
Linda, 20-Nov-08 10:02 am
1631, Of course, what kapwa said in regard to Haiti paid the debt to France is true, but you wouldn't know that unless... read more >
Tiba, 20-Nov-08 11:52 am
What I want is for Haiti to start asking France and the Dominican Republic for her money back that's what I want... read more >
Kapwa, 20-Nov-08 12:29 pm
Kapwa, I understand your frustration; however, there are some things you need to consider. Asking for what we are due... read more >
Linda, 20-Nov-08 2:00 pm
monsieur le senateur kelly Bastien what do you think about the occupational of the country? So to me this very... read more >
Astre Francois, 23-Jul-09 12:15 pm
France owes Haiti and incalculable amount for setting the stage of the current nation's construct and the crimes... read more >
Mac Robertson, 18-Jan-10 7:06 pm
La Madeleine(France).mardi 3 mai 2011 Dangers sur la Democratie Haitienne Bonjour, Je viens de passer dix jours de... read more >
Psychologue Henri-claude Saint-fleur, 5-May-11 7:50 am


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