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My support to President Rene G. Preval,

Excellence Mr. Rene Preval, Prime Minister Michele Pierre-louis, distinguished cabinet members of parliament, members of the Supreme Court, and diplomatic members: I am honored to solute President Mr. Rene Preval on taking initiative to fight corruption in Haiti for the sake of our future generations.

The decision by our president is an answer to my prayers, and I stand in agreement and in unity with the president! Mr. President Preval, I want you to know that I share your objective to fight for our country.

I stand with you.

Offering support

After carefully examining your speeches on May 18, 2007, in regard to fighting corruption, I found it highly commendable.

I stand with you the president to offer my solidarity of support in your campaign against poverty, injustice and the roots of evil corruption in our country.

Originally, I wanted to wait until 2011 after the election in order to setup the system for Haitian people, but since you've faced many tragic difficulties of many cities such as Gonaive under Water, schools collapsed I want to help you any way that I can.

As a patriot, I feel obligated to draft and volunteer myself for battle even though you, the president, never asked me for help. My offer is completely up to you. I am not seeking, nor interested, in joining your cabinet.

I simply want to help better serve the people who desperately need help of their government.

I would like to propose my help in assisting you, President Preval, by setting up the first historic electronic monetary system in the world that will help your government fight corruption and enable you to send financial assistance to those in need. It is effortless once it is up and running.

As an agronomist, I know you understand that the powerful needs of farmers are tools, seeds, and laborers.

Well, as a head of state, the same similarity exists.

Your government needs tools, laborers, and taxes in order to have a successful leadership team that will work efficiently to benefit our nation.

As the head of state of Haiti, you will now have full control of the entire country's financial taxes and economic workloads that place a high demand on the Haitian people AND businesses to work hard with our justice system to eliminate under-the-table payments to corrupted government leaders

Please visit these websites for more details and feel free to contact me at montresor2011 at

ePostal D'Haïti
Transfer National D'Haiti
Banque Nationale D'Haiti presently ruction

Montresor 2011, November 17 2008, 9:36 PM

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