1631, My apology! and non, I did not react so negatively...

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My apology! and non, I did not react so negatively because I did not like your post, but rather out of frustration.

As I said, I did agree with you in a lot you said.

But again, if you had produced the source of the article I would and could have probably reacted differently.

Please understand that my line of work requires me to constantly use critical thinking, so it is come as second nature to me.

I am compelled to question the aithencity of some messages as I have found out that a lot of Haitians who have become so Americanized all of a sudden inherented a profound disdain for Haiti, their native land, and therefore trash it down using the pretext of something article they found from somewhere.

As I have said repeatedly "you can take me out of Haiti, but you cannot take Haiti out of me." I was born Haitians and I am always going to be Haitians and die Haitian regardless whether I am naturalized or not. Naturalization changes only my nationality, but not my culture, my Haitian blood, my language, and set of values.

You understand what I am saying?

And yes, I agree with everything you just said and mentioned, this is the kind of people/nation we have become, and I can blame 75% of it on the government and 25% of it on us. Haitians.

But the question we all Haitians need to ask ourselves is, is it too late to reverse this trend, or is there still time to really bring some foundamental changes to our country?

I say there is still a chance.

What you and the other bloggers think?

I am desperately looking for the Linda who is the voice of reason, to weigh in her 2 cents.

I wish you had come across as you just did. Once again accept my apology!

Tiba, November 15 2008, 10:58 AM

Topic: Blacks Don't Read They Are Still Our Slaves

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1631, My apology! and non, I did not react so negatively because I did not like your post, but rather out of... read more >
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