Hi 1631, Development is a process. It may take very longtime...

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Hi 1631,

Development is a process.

It may take very longtime to see the complete thorough development of Blacks.

You might be one of the analysts that still believes the absolute impossibility of Barrack Obama the U.S. President.

We are Blacks of course, but we are still young after all those marvelous things, so far, we have accomplished.

However, our negative behaviors are fifty times outnumbered by our positive behaviors.

You must remember that we [Blacks] are very young, not only in Haiti but also in the whole world.

Why you must believe that we [Haitians] were colonized by the French?

In my understanding don't you see the word EMPIRE and NATIVES in the definition of COLONIZATION?

But talking about empire and natives don't you see the words LAW, Normes, Culture, Foreigners, and Forces?

For example, Can the government of Preval-Pierre Louis send CIMO to invade any city in Haiti and claim it the Haitian empire?

False! It's illiterate to avoid saying stupid.

But what if the Haitian Government sends CIMO into the territory of the Dominican Republic, seizes any city and claims it the Haitian' empire, isn't colonization?

Of course, it is. We did it in the past and we colonized for about 25 years.

And the Dominican can't deny it. What we did was so simply.

We INVADED the Dominicans-- in their own land-- and we forced them to adopt the Haitian cultures, norms, and Laws.
Now, relax.

Please just think about these three simple phrases: The French in Saint-Domingue (former name of Haiti), Slaves from Africa, and for workforce.

In this case, who do you believe are the Haitian Natives- the slaves from Africa or The French settlers?

Who do you believe are enforcing the Laws and Norms- the French or the Slaves?

Who do you believe are foreigners- the French or the slaves?

Who do you believe are oppressed by the other' cultures- the French or the slaves?

Now, the way the slaves were transported and imported into Saint-Domingue do you really believe they INVADED the Frenchs' territory?

Do you really believe the slaves did INVADE the French in Haiti and did set up an EMPIRE--but of what country?

Oops!!! LOGIC.

Do you believe the Great Britain colonized America?

I believe your answer will be no in your reply.

Do you believe Haiti colonized the Dominican Republic?

I believe your answer will be no in your reply.

Now, do you still believe the France colonized Haiti?

I believe your answer will be no in your reply.

The fact is the matter the slaves SEIZED Saint-Domingue from France.

We were brought by the French merchants into the land for workforce purpose, but we outnumbered them, trick them, chased them, and claimed Saint-Domingue a property of us- the Haitian people.

Now, you understand how we [young Blacks] accomplished a marvelous thing that widely opened the door to Barrack Obama, as the US President; to Michael Jordan, Pele, etc.
Remember Development is a process and we [Blacks] are young.

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins of New York City
a.k.a. The C.R.J.
Policy Analyst in Criminal Justice

Lavaud Desmoulins, November 15 2008, 10:08 AM

Topic: Blacks Don't Read They Are Still Our Slaves

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Hi 1631, Development is a process. It may take very longtime to see the complete thorough development of Blacks. You... read more >
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