I have a feeling that you are white, and a red neck with...

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I have a feeling that you are white, and a red neck with profound hatred for black people who hides behind the ID:1631 and not couragous enough to use a more recognizeable ID.

However, you can also be a "Black Uncle Tom" trapped forever in mental slavery inherented from your dead master hundreds of years ago, or a white wannabe.

Nonetheless, I found part of your post true, but as usual you failed to metione "institutional racism" instituted by your white master as reason for the way blacks handle money.

Have you ever asked yourself why the government doesn't creat opportunities for inter-city black neighborhoods?

In regard to Haiti, while I acknowledge the failure of the Haitian people, but asked yourself why do white people keep Haiti in such a chokhold by depriving that country the right to trade and to do business with the rest of the world?

For decades, Haiti has been under economic sanctions/embargoes, which means the rest of the world is not allowed to do business with Haiti.

How could any country progress when that country is elienated and isolated from the international community?

Oh, one other thing, you mentioned "greed" in your piece, right?

Well, last time I checked "greed" was invented by white people.

No other race than white people is greedier in the face of the earth.

Black people perhaps is trying to copy white people but keep failing because black people do not have the power to control the finacial institutions.

In term of reading, I agree with you there too, but again you must ask yourself what could be the reason(s).

In school for examples, there isn't anything that's being taught in the classroom that black students/pupils can identify themselves with and consequently would motivate them to go to the library and read about it.

It should not be an excuse, but the reality is 95% of all books are written by and for white people.

When was the last time you saw white people in black book stores looking for a particular author?

Those white people you would see in black book stores most of the time have some type of connections with a certain black person or black family.

In Haiti, we are indeed faced with a major illeteracy problem.

Therefore, you cannot read books if you don't know how to read in the first place, and books are not that available in Haiti to those who are educated and able to read. Even though Haitian governments are not too enthused educating their citizens in order to maintain the status quo and not loosing power to Haitian who become educated, but the international community is also very happy by encouraging the government to keep the people uneducated.

This is a prime example of what's called "Institutional racism."

1631, or whatever your name is, black people are not greedy.

They are rather lack of understanding about money management otherwise black people would be as financially stable as white people.

The financial crisis we are currently facing is the tangible proof of white greed.

Tiba, November 15 2008, 9:14 AM

Topic: Blacks Don't Read They Are Still Our Slaves

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Tiba, 16-Nov-08 9:14 am


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