Who Can Bring CHANGE To Haiti?

Poll Question - November 13 2008, 4:34 PM

Is there any known Haitian Leader out there who is qalified to lead Haiti into the 21st Century?

Barack Obama was being talked about as a potential presidential candidate years before he announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

Is there anyone out there who fit the profile of a great Haitian leader.

I am talking about One Haitian Leader whether it is somethere in the diaspora or in Haiti.

We cannot wait for Preval's term to be over before we start talking about it.

So my question is:

Who would you backup right now as the CANDIDATE FOR CHANGE in Haiti?

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Linda says...

You must not know the facts very well. Those in the Haitian diaspora who could bring changes to Haiti are not allowed... more »

Poll Question says...

Assuming that Dual Citizenship was not an issue, is there any ONE Haitian out there that can bring CHANGE in Haiti... more »

Linda says...

Well, most of the brave souls who tried to bring change to Haiti in the past were killed. Most other Haitians who had... more »

Poll Question says...

WOW... Anybody else? Is there NO ONE brave Haitian man out there that can stand up and lead haiti out of the whole? or... more »

Enthusiastic About Haiti says...

Why don't you tell us? Don't you know any one yourself? Maybe you are the one so tell us about your plans because we... more »

Caz says...

If Aristide was such a gutter rat like you called him, why did the Americans were so eager to overthrow him. Why did... more »

Haiticherie says...

Linda, It seems that you have a lot of knowledge in Haiti. Giving up is not going to save the country. all that... more »