Tiba! You see Women are very sensitive beings. The one who...

Colette Jacques - November 13 2008, 2:36 AM


You see Women are very sensitive beings.

The one who cares too much never live long life. Why because they usually take things too seriously.

Unless they learn at an early age how to manage stres and criticism.

Only those who does not care enough "Manfoubin" live as "daila doup pin doup" "Daila corn ciye"I hope you hear those creole expressions before that is why Creole is a "Haitien revolutionary language" not and a language for the world to know it was our own but too bad!

Why does the PM took the job if she knew she was sick why would you say such a thing?

Tiba, Come on?

Illness does not fall on trees.

God the creator knows everything and only He knows why people got sick. I can feel in your tone that that hurts you. Well you see you are not as tuff as you pretend to be. Second I feel from you a cry for help for the country and your hope that PM Prierre Louis should hurry to fix Haiti in a very short period and as fast as possible because you want to go back home or you want to have Haiti clean right away! and with your lack of patience You screemes out for help.That's OK but you must remember Le Lievre et La Tortue.

les fables de la Fontaine.

"Qui va lentement arrive surement"

Not in Politic off course but Focusing and taking the steps one by one is important in Politic like you are told do no take the stairs but one stair at the time. It is unfortunate that Mrs Pierre Louis had to take a break to consult with her physician i do not know the details but we must pray for her and stop giving her unecessary pressure.

the Job is a very tuff job. You must not think it is something that easy unless you want to enrich your self and leave rich.That's noone so far have done the right thing the people are still starving, the country is is such a embarrasing shape Tiba Come on say with me it can happen but let be part of it. let's not set the Pri Minister Pierre Louis for failure instead let's prevent that from happening.

Don't you see politic in Haiti has become a way to get rich. everyone want to jum in the wagon to preside and the people are still hurting..

No let's make a positive experience for her. I do not know her but i feel she met well. I do not know If I am right but I am telling you what I feel.

Tiba Calm down! First of all as I just told you you are a brother from Home so we could say that's family.

and Michelle Pierre Louis too. I congratulate you for your honesty but I want you to work on your patience.

Often, they say Patience is bitter but it fruits are very sweet.

I hope that you know that french expression " La patience est amere mais son fruit est doux".

Tiba I have never say nor let to believe that PM Michelle Pierre Louis has done more than anyone in her position She just got there and there is no "knew members" "very few" Majority remains in power what could she of done?


I still believe that she knows a lot of how one should administrate and she cares.

Simply I said always that we should support her to produce.

Look at now she becomes ill. Is this illness was prior or after the position.

We need to know that before we can elaborate.

If you have more info about that then share it with me than I will do my best to bring a light.

Tibo do not give up! We must continue to exchange idea and to see together how we can bring Haiti a better place to enjoy.

Colette Jacques

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