What can your government do to improve EDUCATION?

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Dear President,

I am Milsaint L. Valcin and I am majoring in SOCIAL SCIENCES at Palm Beach Community College in Lake worth, Florida.

After graduating from College, my plan is to return to the country i love and work to rebuild it, specially i am looking forward to find a job in the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.

I am not expecting a job that will pay the same amount of money as if i am working in the STATES, but How your government welcome Haitians who study abroad and who want to work in HAITI.?

I congratulate your government for all we have done with very little we have, but i wish we would do more to help educate haitians children.

Because as it says in article 32-2 of the CONSTITUTION: "La premiere charge de l'etat et des collectivites territoriales est la scolarisasion massive, seule capable de permettre le developpement du pays." What i see in Haiti now is an eternal misery, and it will remain like this forever unless the haitian leaders decide to invest and count on the YOUTH.

Milsaint L. Valcin, October 30 2008, 2:59 PM

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